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If working with over 1000 brides has taught me anything, it’s how to put out fires.


Being proactive, maintaining organisation and communicating consistently are critical in seeing your wedding day run smoothly.


But, you’re a bride!


You don’t want to worry about all that boring stuff!

Let us do it for you!

Keep your dream day safe by putting us in charge of it.

Treat yourself, go on!

Your dream day

Keep your dream day safe!

To build on your Gloss Girl experience, we’re now offering a Wedding Concierge Service, which sees us handle all the intricate details of your day from a month out, until the day’s end. We’ll get a brief of your wedding, before touching base with all your vendors, keeping them organised and ensuring everyone shows up, on time, ready to deliver the products and services that you’ve spent so long searching for. In the meantime, we’ll give you tailored recommendations, help you with any last minute additions, dance around in the background, problem solving on the go and dealing with drama’s you’ll never have to know about. 

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