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At Natalie Anne HaircareTM we believe choosing the right nourishment for your unique hair needs is the foundation for lush-looking and long-lasting hair styles!
Do you want soft, workable texture, that will give you the appearance of unbelievably thick, full hair, with a gentle malleable hold, all without having to over-layer products? Our Soft Shaping Texture Spray will give you just that! Maximize your favorite styles by working in during the styling process, then once your perfect style has been achieved, set it in place!



Formulated with Zeolite, great for regulating oil production in the hair protecting the hair from loosing style & shape due to heat or humidity. It also supports the hair from environmental damage with its high antioxidant and anti inflammatory properties and creates a thickened, voluminous look.
The naturally derived combination of powerful ingredients including Beet Extract and P-Anisic Acid that maintain moisture in the hair, whilst creating a texturised look, without mattifying your hair’s natural shine or drying it out!



Apply either during the styling process or to freshly styled hair. Shake well & hold the can at least 20cm from your roots and spray, moving the stream backwards and forwards to lightly, but evenly cover the hair. For best results pair it with our Volumising Shampoo + Conditioner Duo.

Soft Shaping Texture Spray by Natalie Anne

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