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How Celebrant Mel Uses Humour to Connect With Couples and Wedding Guests

From episode: Unleashing the Fun: A Chat with Celebrant Mel from Marry Me, Mel

I don't love writing. But I feel like as a celebrant, you've got to have an element of being able to write well. Because even if you're working off the cuff, you sort of got to know where you're going with it. It's a little bit like a comedian, right? You're going to have sort of like a basic outline. Yeah, yeah, you've got it. Yeah. And I guess with that as well, with being a celebrant for me, I love humour. I have a pretty. Yeah, well, and I'll tell people that I don't mind making a dickhead of myself as long as it makes everyone feel comfortable, which is why I do it. I don't try to be funny, though. That's I feel like if you try to be funny, you're overcompensating for something and at the end of the day, it's not about me at all. It's not about my reputation or me like trying to be the funniest person there or the best person there, because the focus is the couple. Anything I do with humour or anything like that, it's to make them feel comfortable. And the guests to feel comfortable and relatable as well, because I guess everyone loves a dickhead. Yeah. And I think, well, I love when humour comes from everyday occurrences, you know, so when you're there and something happens and you're quick, I think you're quick, you know, and you're able to find something funny in a situation that will make people laugh, but it's not planned, which I think is, I think it's essential, personally. Yeah. Yeah. Which is why I embrace the chaos. I absolutely love when something happens because I can use that. Typically if I'm MC at the reception, you best believe I'm going to be using that later on. But I had, I will tell you a situation where this happened. So I did a wedding last year at Peterson house in the chapel there. Beautiful. Gorgeous, gorgeous chapel. There was the tallest groomsman I've ever seen. He was standing at the front and the couple had bought their chocolate Labrador, beautiful dog, quite big. Anyway, had the exit. Everyone was throwing pedals. It had been raining by the way as well. I probably should have mentioned that. So everyone's throwing pedals and the couple have left the chapel, the last groomsmen have walked out with the dog and all of a sudden I heard this boom, looked down, he'd like stacked it, the dog bolted, he'd slipped on a pedal. I was just like, where's the videographer? The videographer missed it all. It was like the biggest flood. That poor guy, he hurt his shoulder, but it was like pretty hilarious. I used that ammo all night, particularly when he did his speech. I was like, careful mate, careful, don't fall over. It was bold to me. I love that. I still had that mummy instinct where I at least waited to see if it was okay. Then I laughed. Well, that's how it works,

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