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Booking Your Wedding Vendors: Essential Tips For Your Big Day

From episode: EP 3 Unlocking the Secrets to Bridal Beauty and Wedding Planning

So yesterday we had a little bit of a chat about the top four things that you need to book first, which if you listen to the first one, I missed one very crucial one. So you can guess which one that was as I repeat this, but it was venue caterers in one, photographer, videographer and celebrant. Which one do you reckon I forgot?

I don't know. Let's just say you really need this one to get married. You actually do need this one. You cannot get married without this one. It's illegal. It is illegal. You can get married without this one. However, it will not be a legal binding of people. That's right.

So to give the recap, those are the top four things that we highly recommend in our experience, in the time that we've spent with our thousands of rides really are the first things you need to be booking. And because we work with amazing vendors here in the Hunter Valley and in other places that we have worked before that, we just know that these are the ones you've got to get locked in. So to recap, basically this is all about your priorities, but those top four things you're always going to need a celebrant to make it legal.

You're going to need a venue. So whether that is something really low key, whether it's your backyard, whether it is a chapel, you're going to need a venue of some sort somewhere you stand to say I do. And 9 out of 10, if not 9 .9 % of people, whatever, 100 % of people usually want a photographer or videographer or both. And these guys, they can only do one on a day. So you have to lock them in if you want a particular date or of course you want those particular vendors for your wedding day. So I think we're all in agreeance on that one. And then we did a little bit of a touch base on wedding dress shopping.

We talked about the other vendors that you'll need to book and there's a good chance I may forget some, but you've got your dress, all your suits, you've got your hair and makeup, your florist, just stationary. If you save the dates, just signs. Look, there is so much to think about. Oh, you know, what about all the extras, Candice? Yeah, like cakes. There's cakes that need to be made. I don't know, is cakes separate? I mean, does everybody have a cake for their wedding? So maybe an essential, that one. Maybe, yeah. Accommodation. Accommodation. Especially if it is a destination wedding or if you're not from the Hunter Valley. Do you get banned? Yes. Yep. Do you get banned? Yeah, and the accommodation. Sorry, just because I cut you off there. Especially if it's a destination wedding. You've got to not only organize the wedding party, but unfortunately most of the time you're organizing your guests as well to make sure that they can get somewhere. I mean, it doesn't even have to be the Hunter Valley.

We've got a lot of options here, but what if you're getting married in Fiji or Bali? Middle of nowhere. You need to think about how many people, and I guess that also can factor into what venue you choose as well. If you are having a larger wedding with people that are coming from overseas or out of town, you know, somewhere that is easy for them to access or that has some sort of transport systems. I know that quite a few of the venues have buses that will transport people back and forth. You can hire buses. I know that the Hunter has quite a range of different buses around that can take people to and from different locations if your ceremony and your reception are at two different locations.

There's quite a bit with accommodation that needs to be thought about.

I think that it's probably something that a lot of people leave to the last minute as long as they're sort of organized. If you're planning your wedding 12 to 18 months out, I guess you're not really thinking about, well, where am I going to sleep in some ways because you're just trying to get everything organized. Maybe bride and groom you're organizing somewhere and your honeymoon afterwards, which is something else that you have to organize if you're taking a honeymoon. But yeah, it's mum and dad. It's auntie Chazza, you know. It's even the day before, like us as hair and makeup artists, where are we going to be doing hair and makeup? That accommodation needs to be booked for the bridal party either the night before or the morning of. Yeah, 100%. Yeah, absolutely.

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