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About Hand Woven Rose Quartz Eye Mask


Renowned for its calming & soothing properties these real Rose Quartz crystals are hand woven together to create a pampering eye cover for the ultimate luxurious spa experience at home.
Rose Quartz is a powerful anti-inflammatory gemstone, providing the perfect level of nourishing relief and healing to even the most delicate and troubled skin conditions.

Key Benefits Include:
Melts away stress and tension
Prevents premature ageing
Reduces puffiness
Fades dark circles under eyes
Promotes elimination of toxins
Relieves sinus pressure
Improves blood circulation

Suggested Usage:
After using your serum of choice and/or roller lay the cool mask over eyes. Lay in a quiet comfortable space and apply for up to 20 minutes or as long as you need.
Inhale and exhale slowly through the nose as you visualise the energetic elements of the Rose Quartz flowing from your heart space through your body, replacing any tension or emotional blocks with pure, positive & loving energy.
You might also want to turn the Rose Quartz eye mask upside down and place over the jaw area to increase blood flow and soothe tension in this area.

How to care for your Mask:
These are delicate, always handle with care. Rinse with water and gentle soap after each use. Pat dry with the towel and lay flat competently on a dry towel.

For added healing and anti-inflammatory benefits, place mask in the fridge before application to create a soothing & de-puffing effect.

Rose Quartz Eye Mask

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