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These aren't your average plastic Velcro hair rollers; they're the epitome of hair styling perfection. Beyond their stunning appearance, these rollers are extra wide, designed to bring you exceptional results as you go about your daily activities.

Whether you're after that timeless classic volume and bounce, a look reminiscent of the iconic Ms. Monroe, or simply searching for an easier way to style your fringe, The Marilyn Set is the must-have addition to your haircare regime.

Step by Step

Pop the velcro rollers into dry or damp hair, or utilize them after heat styling with tools such as a curling wand or blow-dry brush for that extra pizzazz.

Secure them in place with the provided clips for a hassle-free styling experience.

If you're yearning for more bounce, add a touch of heat.

Continue with your daily routine until the rollers have cooled and your hair is perfectly set.

Remove the rollers, give your hair a little joosh, and watch your style come to life!

Most importantly, have fun flaunting your stunning locks!

The Marilyn Set includes 12 Rollers:

6 x 60mm x 90mm Lightweight White/Rose Gold Rollers

6 x 30mm Lightweight White/Rose Gold Rollers

6 x Gold Clips

Satin Charlii Drawstring Bag

This versatile set is perfect for short, medium, and long hair lengths, offering a variety of rollers to cater to your specific styling needs. You can use the larger rollers on top for added volume and the smaller ones on the bottom for a beautifully layered effect.

For those with extra-long or thick hair, we recommend considering the Mega Marilyn set for the best results.


Our roller width is wider than standard rollers, enabling you to style more hair in a single roller, making it a true #timesaving game-changer.

We particularly recommend The Marilyn Set for individuals with longer hair lengths and anyone looking to achieve more defined waves

Charlii Velcro Rollers

$79.95 Regular Price
$63.96Sale Price
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